Modus Coffee Breakfast Cafe Review

Someone once described Modus as the ‘barista’s barista’ … and to be quite frank, there’s really no other way to put it. With their minimalistic, almost Swedish style, hole-in-the-wall cafe found perpendicular to the business of Beaufort Street, Modus is said to be the best cafe in Perth ever (so far).

  • Who: Modus Coffee
  • What: Coffee shop, Breakfast
  • Where: 35/602-610 Beaufort Street, Mount Lawley, Western Australia
  • When: Monday to Friday, 6:30AM ~ 2:30PM, Saturday and Sunday, 7:00AM ~ 2:00PM

Modus Coffee rates a 5 out 5 and here’s why…

But first, coffee.

As aforementioned, Modus is considered the ‘barista’s barista’. If that doesn’t describe the quality of coffee being pumped out of this little Mount Lawley gem, I’m not too sure what will. My coffee today was sourced from Rawanda – and how do I know? The owners/staff there tell you. Isn’t that neat? How often do you grab a coffee and have the staff tell you where the beans of the coffee you’re about to consume are from? Never. Nowhere. Quality coffee and quality service, it’s a much deserved 5 out of 5 for the coffee. Modus, you deserve plenty of back pats for this.

What about the food?

Which cafe in Perth has the best eggs on toast (ever)? Modus. I’ll repeat that. Modus Coffee, in Mt Lawley have the best eggs on toast in Perth and all of Western Australia. It has been confirmed here first. Here you’ll find sous-vide eggs (slow cooked eggs) atop two slices of sourdough bread, a knob of butter on the side, seasoned with the right amount of zesty herbs. If you haven’t had sous-vide eggs before, Modus is definitely the best place to try it and please note, it jiggles. It’s Western Australia’s answer to those jiggling Japanese pancakes that are said to be the fluffiest in the world. Say goodbye to poached, scrambled and fried eggs because once you go sous-vide you never go back. Eggs on toast? It’s a 5 out of 5 for me.

And the staff?

Heading to Modus Coffee for breakfast is comparable to coming home to your loved ones – be it dog(e), cat or favourite human. It’s a moment of bliss where your heart contracts from the wholesome fullness of your disposition (and of your belly). It’s love. Modus is love. The staff here are ridiculously genuine and nothing is more satisfying than seeing people do what they love to do. Making some banging food, and some banging coffee to go with. The effort and passion is palpable and you can see it in the eyes of every single staff member. I would highly recommend (with a 5 out of 5) visiting Modus Coffee in Mt Lawley based on service alone.

The venue itself…

Minimal. Clean. Plenty of outdoor seats for you to soak in the sun while enjoying your precious sous vide eggs. I’m unsure of how this will hold up during the colder months, with lack of ‘inside’ space. Aesthetically speaking, Modus have done extremely well. Adhering to a minimalistic, almost upper end ikea-esque catalogue vibes. Simply beautiful! It’s a 5 out of 5 for me.


In summary, Modus Coffee receives a 5 out of 5 rating. Personally speaking, it goes unrivalled and is (by far) the best café/breakfast haven I’ve ever been to here in Perth. The coffee, the food, the staff and the venue itself are perfection in all aspects – like I said, I’d visit Modus based on service alone. The mecca of all cafes, the barista’s barista and the disruption to the Western Australian café scene as we know it. That’s how good Modus Coffee really is.

Keep exploring WA.

Your gal,

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