Laika Coffee Breakfast Cafe Review

Located in an unassuming little nook lays Laika. Made of red brick, huge glass roll-up doors and bursting at the seams with coffee-keen West Aussies – it’s the perfect little gem that satiates your weekend breakky cravings to perfection.

If you find yourself at Laika you might be thinking… ‘ golly gosh this looks familiar…’ – you’re not alone on this, I promise. That’s exactly what I thought! Laika is the second child to Josh McGinnity, a coffee passionate architect whose eldest child (Hylin) took West Leederville by storm. After selling his first culinary success, and a much needed break, out came Laika Coffee – named after the famous Soviet space dog (an easy ten points in my books if you name your cafe/restaurant after a doggo – great job Josh).

This Broadsheet article sums this all up pretty well if you want to have a bit of a read. But now, onto to the more important bits. Strap yourselves in lads and lasses because it’s bloody review time.

  • Who: Laika Coffee
  • What: Coffee, breakfast and lunch
  • Where: 11 Lathlain Place, Lathlain, WA
  • When: Monday to Friday – 6AM to 3:30PM, Saturday and Sunday – 6AM to 2:30PM
  • Links: website and Instagram

Laika Coffee rates 4 out of 5 stars and here’s why…

But first, coffee.

UM YES. You may have read my review on Gordon Street Garage (but if you haven’t please do). Well, my partner actually recognised a few of the baristas from GSG working here at Laika. What a bloody fantastic surprise! Not really… the coffee here was superb and GSG never dissapoints. My choice for today? A soy long macchiato. It was the perfect coffee experience I never knew I needed. Smooth, sweet with the right ratio of milk and no sugar. The no gritty coffee grinds at the bottom, which let’s be honest here, ruins one’s coffee experience tremendously. Who could ask for more right?

Similarly to GSG, Laika roasts their own coffee in-house. Their knowledge of beans is more than meets the eye but on a superficial level means that they roast a goddamn good cuppa jo! I give Laika a solid 5 out of 5 for the coffee alone.

What about the food?

Okay… so my body was clearly not ready for this. My usual go-to for any breakfast venue is eggs on toast. Stick to what you know right? This time ’round, I ordered the eggs benny special which had your standard eggs, sourdough toast, hollandaise sauce – BUT with extra pulled pork and house-made sriracha sauce. Can somebody tell me how to abort mission if I’ve already ordered and waited about 10 minutes for my food? Can we all appreciate the bloody serving on this bad boy! For $19.50 too?! Sweet baby Jesus, Mary and Joseph – the staff at Laika are not ones to be stingy in terms of food servings. In all honesty, it was a little bit too much for me. But based on taste alone, it was a good savoury twist on what could’ve been a light and easy eggs benedict. I’ll give my eggs benny special a 3.5 out of 5.

What about the staff?

The staff were super lovely – they greeted us and seated us almost instantly. In fact, I recall multiple staff members greeting my partner and I as we walked through the business. There wasn’t necessarily a ‘home’ feeling that I’d associate with Modus Coffee in Mt Lawley, but the service at Laika was great. I’ll give this a 3.5 out of 5.

And the venue itself…

Ah the venue. *Queue sigh of appreciation*. Glass rolling doors, exposed red brick, white tiling, a mixture of wooden tables and a super lovely mural painted high enough to almost touch the ceiling – it felt clean and had an industrial feel about it. Can I live here…? It was a little dark and a little cold (I blame the weather) but Laika was very much housing a welcoming atmosphere.

The music being played was a mixture of soft neo-soul that I could not agree with any further – LOOK AT YOU GO LAIKA. The venue itself is gorgeous but really… what more could you expect from an architect? I’ll give the insides of Laika a solid 4 out of 5.


If you’re looking for a hidden gem with an aesthetically inviting fit out… Laika in Lathlain is the place to be. The coffee is perfect, the food was DELICIOUS (although be wary of serving sizes) and the staff were super lovely.

It’s a little bit tucked away from the business of Victoria Park and I can imagine parking would be a little difficult during peak hours, but overall, Laika was definitely a pleasant Saturday morning surprise. This would come in as a strong contender in my heart as my second favourite and potentially second best breakfast joint in Perth (at least in my books it is anyway).

Thanks for making it this far guys. Let me know if you’ve ever visited Laika and what your thoughts are.

Keep exploring WA!

Your gal,


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