Atlas Food and Coffee Breakfast Cafe Review

It’s actually quite easy to miss Atlas Food + Coffee despite its name. This tastefully fitted breakfast joint is unfortunately, a little over-powered by the corporate surroundings of West Perth. But once you find it… you might like what lays inside.

  • Who: Atlast Food + Coffee
  • What: Breakfast and lunch
  • Where: 1238 Hay Street, West Perth, WA 6005
  • When: Monday – Friday 6:30AM to 3:00pm, Weekends and Public Holidays 8:00AM to 2:00PM
  • Links: Instagram, Facebook

Atlas Food + Coffee rates a 3.1 out 5 stars and here’s why…

But first, coffee.

As I mentioned, Atlas Food + Coffee definitely a sight for sore eyes, but the real question is… how good is the coffee? At best, the coffee was pretty standard (much to my disappointment). It was milky and gritty at the bottom – two things that ruin my coffee experience almost immediately. I promise I’m not trying to be harsh but golly gosh, I’ll give Atlas’ coffee a 2 out of 5 rating at best. May be it was just a rough day? In saying that, from what their Instagram shows, they do have a decadent array and twist to your average coffee. I’m talking beetroot with white chocolate and even matcha green tea. I’m still yet to try these and might even to do a second review to hopefully bump up my initial scoring.

Another drink I tested on my first trip to Atlas Food + Coffee was their infamous purple, pink and red drink called ‘The Galaxy’, which involved the old fashion lemonade, sweet watermelon syrup and a surprising butterfly pea juice. It was beautiful as much as it was delicious – short and sweet, just the way mama made it! You should definitely give this drink a try if you ever visit Atlas.

What about the food?

Nutella. Pannacotta. I’ll repeat that. Nutella pannacotta. As you may know, my usual go to is eggs on toast but who could pass up this bloody beaut of a sweet breakfast? Now if you haven’t been officially been introduced to the world of pannacotta, let me break it down for you. Your average pannacotta is basically an Italian dessert of sweetened cream thickened with gelatine. The cream usually has different flavours ranging from vanilla to coffee, but Atlas (the geniuses that they are) have transformed Australia’s favourite hazelnut spread and shaped it into this sweet little cream breakky. Surround this with perfectly roasted burnt fig granola, fresh strawberries, berry coulis, pistachio, torched marshmallow and the cutest jug (made for ants) of milk and you’ve got yourself the most aesthetically pleasing breakfast that’ll make the breakfast gods mouth’s water! I mean the picture really speaks for itself here. I’ll give Atlas’ food a solid 4.5 out of 5 – but I’m definitely trying the eggs on toast next time!

The staff?

So my first encounter with Atlas Food + Coffee was actually really unfortunate and not what I had expected at all. My partner and I walked in, drop-jawed by amazing interior. There was no line and maybe three members of staff behind the counter looking rather preoccupied. No one said hi to us. For 20 minutes. Can someone please explain what’s going on here? We even had a silent conversation with another patron, wondering who’s been served and who hasn’t. Staff continued to walk behind the counter, back and forth in front of us and still… no greeting. Not trying to be a princess or anything but… it would probably help you to greet the people bringing bread and butter to your table, if you know what I mean. It took 20 minutes for staff to even acknowledge that we were there before taking out order. It was well and truly an awkward encounter that really dampened the fun and my initial impressions. This was such a stark contrast to Modus Coffee in Mt Lawley – I hadn’t realised they set the bar so high in terms of service. Especially in an industry that’s currently booming, customer service is really your only point of difference right? Unfortunately, based on this experience alone, I’ll have to rate Atlas a 1 out of 5.

And the venue itself…?

The interior of this little West Perth joint did give me a bit of hope though. Check out Breakfast In’s feature on Atlas Food + Coffee. The fit is incredible – white marble against a cold cement floor. Light coloured plywood looking counters and indoor plants tastefully spread throughout the oblong shaped café. I hadn’t taken notice of the music as we sat outside and if you’ve ever been to West Perth on a weekend, you’ll know that it’s cold and quiet – the perfect setting for your morning breakky and intimate conversations. I’ll give the insides of Atlas Food and Coffee a 5 out of 5.


The food here was amazing and I think it’s definitely worth a big ol’ shot or at least it’s must-see while you’re in West Perth just to see what the fuss is all about. Unfortunately, the customer experience/journey wasn’t the best or up to scratch. Let me know if you’ve ever been to Atlas Food + Coffee in West Perth, if you’ve experience something similar or something totally different – I would love to know.

Keep exploring WA!

Your gal,

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