Get Chunky New York Style Cookie Bar Dessert Review

‘Be a smart cookie and get chunky’, states the sign that welcomes you into this tastefully decorated, neon-sign lit cookie bar in Mount Lawley, Perth. If a direct sugar hit, in the form of an ice-cream sanga (which is a sandwich for all those who are unfamiliar with the Aussie term) is what you’re after, than a direct sugar hit in the form of an ice-cream sanga is exactly what you’ll get at Get Chunky – perhaps even a side of diabetes too if you’re lucky!

The introduction of the New York style cookie has disrupted Perth’s dessert scene as we know it. We haven’t seen anything quite like it since the early days of the frozen yoghurt era. So buckle up ladies and gentlemen, because it’s that time of the day again… review time (sans the coffee).

– Who: Get Chunky
– What: New York style cookies, Ice-Cream Sanga’s
– Where: Shop 7, 81 Walcott Street, Mt Lawley, WA 6050
– When: Closed Monday and Tuesday, Wednesday and Sunday 10AM to 9PM, Thursday to Saturday 10AM to 9:30PM
– Links: Instagram, Facebook

Get Chunky gets a 3.9 out of 5 Stars and here’s why…

But first, the cookie.

The goddamn New York styled cookie. What in the actual f**k. This cookie goes unrivalled in size, weight, flavour, warmth and softness. Some even say that these cookies were hand delivered by cherubs that God had hand selected himself – a very high probability. Bravo Get Chunkky, bravo! You’ve managed to break the confines of the English language, by making an unruly and infamously hair-raising word, acceptable for use – that word being moist. My golly gosh were these cookies moist!

The choice of ‘bread’ to my ice-cream sanga was a perfectly baked fun-fetti cookie, infused with coconut shreds, white chocolate drops, and of course (the end-all-be-all) hundreds and thousands. Now before we get into the ratings of the cookie itself, there are a few things that I want to flag.

  1. How do you keep them so gosh darn warm? As you walk through the front doors, you’ll see these heavenly cookies lined up on the concrete slab, protected by a glass cabinet of course. Upon first glance, you’d think the cookies had been sitting there for a while and there’s a high chance that they would be cold or brittle. But contrary to my assumptions, they definitely were not cookies of that kind! And boy they did not dissapoint.
  2. How much sugar is in each cookie? I mean, I know I live quite a ‘healthy’ lifestyle, meal prepping etc, but I consider myself a sugar fiend, probably blessed with a higher sugar tolerance than most. I love my sweets and my sweets love me. But this cookie was just WAY too sweet – to the point where my throat hurt afterwards. I was lucky enough to have chosen the ic-cream sanga, as opposed to the cookie-only option. The ice-cream acted as the perfect lubricant between cookie bites… and without it, I’m not too sure if I would have had the will power to have finished it.

So with all these factors combined, I’d easily give the cookie itself a 3 out 5 stars. Perfect flavour and girth, but unforunately a little too sweet and sugary for my liking. And that’s coming from a well-aware sugar addict (my throat is still paying for it now!).

What about the ice-cream?

My choice of filling was the mint ice-cream. You can’t go wrong with mint ice cream, so I’ll keep this nice and short. It was GOOD. I’d rate the ice-cream a 5 out of 5. It acted as the perfect break between extremely sweet cookie-sanga-bread. I highly recommended adding ice cream to act as a filler or even as a just-in-case, your throat will thank you later. I also topped it all of with hundreds and thousands. It’s also worth mentioning that the ice-cream didn’t melt as fast as expected between the warm cookie components? Another reason as to why the ice cream deserves a 5 out of 5.

And the staff?

The staff! I had the pleasure of being serbed by a lovely young lady. She was very cordial, polite and made the potentially overwhelming experiencing of creating your very first ice-cream sanga all the more better. We received a friendly hello when we entered and a friendly goodbye when we left. But compared to Modus? As if its the new unit of customer-service measuremnt, Get Chunky did pale in this department. But that’s still okay! I’d rate the service and staff here a solid 4 out of 5. Great job team!

The venue itself…

I am all about white tiled floor-to-ceiling walls. Contrast this with a light-coloured concrete slab for a store counter and neon-signs, you’ve got yourself a venue that serves it purpose with finesse. It wasn’t too overrun with deocrations. The neon-signs really made up the atmosphere and there were plenty of seats to go around. Absolutely in love with interior! But because it was quite bare in the decorative department, it made the intimate conversations inside the venue a little hard to keep up with – meaning it echoed quite enough to hear the person next to you loud and clear. So for this reason unfortunately, I’ll give the venue a 3.5 out of 5. Love the neon sign touches though!


Get Chunky in Mount Lawley, is where you go when you want a self-induced sugar coma and for me, it deserves a good 3.9 out of 5 stars. From what I’m aware, they’ve also got a stall at the Fremantle Markets too, so if you find yourself down there at any time it’s definitely worth a try but please do keep in mind this is not a dessert for the faint-hearted. These cookies are chunky and my gosh do they pack a punch. If you’re ever in the Mount Lawley area, do yourself a favour and get chunky.

Thanks for reading folks and until next time…Keep exploring.

Your gal,


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