George Street Quarters East Fremantle Breakfast Café Review

Nestled on a bustling street in East Fremantle, George Street Quarters was not as life-changing as I thought it would be. The infamous ocean bowl and classic eggs on toast displayed on their Instagram lit a of fire within me, a foodie-desire that yearned to be satiated. Unfortunately, George Street Quarters did not tickle my fancy in the slightest. ‘Expensive taste for cheap conversation‘ I’d say – this won’t make too much sense right now but once you’ve finished with this review, you’ll know exactly what I mean. It’s that time of day again folks. It’s review time…

Who: George Street Quarters
What: Breakfast, lunch and dinner
Where: 71 – 73 George Street, East Fremantle, Western Australia
When: Open 6:30AM Monday to Friday, opens 7:00AM Saturday to Sunday
Links:InstagramFacebook, website

George street quarters rates a 1.1 out of 5 and here’s why…

But first… the coffee

The coffee at George Street Quarters was at the very most ‘okay’. I ordered the usual – a long macchiato with soy milk. The soy milk had clearly been aired out/open for a little while and didn’t mix too well with the coffee. There was a clear separation between milk and coffee, which is not a particularly mouth watering sight (yes, it looked all coagulated and strange and yes I did drink it anyway – woops). The coffee itself was rather gritty and bitter. Definitely not the best cup of ‘jo I’ve had but the only saving grace, was that it wasn’t necessarily the worst I’ve had either. Does that even make sense? There’s nothing much else I can say about the coffee itself.

Was George Street Quarter’s coffee really worth it? Overall, no not really. It’s an easy miss for me. In saying so, I’d rate their coffee a 2.5 out of 5. Not too bad, not too good just bang-on right in the middle.

How about the food?

My go-to for any breakfast venue (as you guys already know) is eggs on toast. That is exactly what I ordered although this time, with bit of a Middle Eastern twist. Add some lemon labneh on the side, avocado doused in dukkah, a single piece of sourdough toast on a bed of seeds and for $19 you have what I call a ‘robbery’. But wait! Am I forgetting something really important component of eggs on toast? Nope. You heard it right. You actually have to order the eggs on the side at an extra cost. And at the counter? There wasn’t any prompt as to whether I’d like eggs with my toast or not. Is this some strange alternate universe where eggs aren’t included but made to order as an extra? WHAT IS THIS?!

I ended up just eating toast with the seasoned avocado and spending a (heartbreaking) grand total of $19 for it all. I don’t know if it’s just me, but why would you not just include the goddamn eggs? I’m spending $19 for the toast and avocado alone… is including the eggs within the price to much to ask? It’s an egg-stra $2 just for the eggs. As an avid egg-eater, I am essentially appalled and devastated that they weren’t included.

Despite having breakfast sans eggs (and the utter devastation involved in that kind of egg-less experience) taste wise was a good mix of herbs, spices, seeds, avocado and lemon on toast. I’m still absolutely gutted by the amount I’ve spent on it, but strictly speaking, the taste wasn’t too bad. It was very much so-so.

My partner had the Morning Ramen ($20 for a very small bowl) as a change of pace and verbatim, said ‘You shouldn’t order ramen from a place where ramen is not their specialty’. I think that’s very much an indication of quality or lack there of… *avoid the ramen ladies and gentleman*

Presentation of food was at best… mediocre. It took a bit of time for the food to come out. And to my surprise, the food like the coffee wasn’t life changing either. The only thing I can be certain about is the fact it this was easily the most I’ve spent on breakfast… ever.

For what was basically an okay avocado on toast, my partners short-sold morning ramen and two coagulated small coffees, the grand total was $47.40. It wasn’t worth it at all – especially when I didn’t even get to have enjoyment in the form of eggs! So not only am I two eggs short, I also had to pay an absurd amount of money for breakfast that was simply ‘okay’. This is a big no-no for me. Take my eggs, take my food, give me a bad cup of coffee but don’t charge me a fortune and a half for it. So how was the food at George Street Quarters? A 1 out of 5. Poor form in my books.

The staff…

Upon walking in the venue, there was no sign or greeting from staff/indication from staff to choose a seat. I’m not too sure if different rules apply in East Fremantle but this left me and my partner quite confused. We didn’t know whether to take a seat, to wait to be seated or order from the counter and find a seat afterwards. We ended up banking ourselves on a shared table where the three women already seated there, clearly had no concept of what an ‘inside voice’ was. You can clearly see how our experience at George Street Quarters, had taken a hard left and down into a very slippery slope.

Grabbing two menus from the counter, we took a seat at the loudest table in East Fremantle and quietly decided what to order. Eager for food, I went up and ordered a the counter – avocado on toast (sans two eggs – yes I’m still so salty about this), morning ramen and two coffees for my partner and I. The girl that served me didn’t make much eye contact, or conversation. She simply took my order, gave me a table number and was obviously just keen to finish up work for the day and plow through the amount of customers that were lined up behind me (just to let you know, there was only one person behind me lol). Taking my table number and cutlery, I took a seat back at the shared table.

The food and coffee took a while to come out as I mentioned before. The reason being was that staff were left wandering around the venue trying to find table numbers. Because you didn’t get a seat when you walked in, you had to find a seat and then go up to the counter to then receive a table number. This meant staff had to find their way through the wilderness and back to find your table. You can imagine the shit storm that ensued.

It would make much more sense if the table numbers were set so staff could easily familiarise themselves with the layout but nope… staff were left walking around like stunned mullets, mixing up orders and taking their sweet time in serving up orders (not their fault at all. Someone should have sorted the table number idea out long ago). As you can understand, the entire table numbering system really baffled me. Not only would you cut time from walking around trying to guess table numbers, you’d probably be able to reinvest this time to acknowledge patrons at the door and give them a hand in taking seats. You’d probably be able to serve up food a lot faster too. This is just a suggestion though…

Overall, it was a pretty confusing experience. My experience with the staff and the overall process at George Street Quarters deserves a 1 out of 5. It was pretty gosh darn awkward.

The venue itself…

George Street Quarters was dark, lit with yellow dimmed lights and had quite a nice feel to it. Tables were different heights and that added to the overall variety within the venue. It was non-descript, nothing special and let’s not forget the dust – holy shit – my partners nose was running like a tap!

I think George Street Quarters definitely needs a good once over – a good clean out. There was an oddly placed mirror behind the counter that awkwardly reflected the dust that was on top the counter (where all the wine glasses were hanging). There were also some quaint pictures of Fremantle lying about. The venue was okay but yet again not breath-taking in the least or as inviting as say, Gordon Street Garage. The music wasn’t notable, I think I was too focused or distraught by the fact that I had to no eggs to eat. Not to mention the whole table ordeal again. Surely it’s confusing to everyone, staff and patrons alike. Overall, I’d rate the venue a solid 2 out of 5 at best.


Maybe the shit weather really affected my mood that day or maybe my mood was just completely off but my experience at George Street Quarters wasn’t enlightening nor pleasant to say the least. There was a collective confusion being experienced by staff and patrons, it was extremely dusty, I was short two eggs, the milk in my coffee was left out to air and I paid about an arm and a leg for what was a pretty average and slightly disappointing food and coffee.

Overall, George Street Quarters rates a 1.1 out of 5 for me. I’d definitely recommend trying George Street Quarters out for yourself – maybe I had just caught them on a really bad day. Please let me know if you do! I’d like to see if there’s a difference or if it was just me…

Keep exploring WA.

Your gal,

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