Pretzel Perth Review

Pastries and baked goods as many of you know, are my weakness. A guilty pleasure that I’ll happily admit to. Pretzel, located in the arts precinct of Perth (just across from PICA) has me understanding exactly what Belinda Carlisle was singing about all those years ago. So not only have I found heaven on earth (Perth’s very own pretzel palace) I have also figured out (as the young Ms Carlisle repeatedly asks), what love is truly worth. It’s roughly worth $6 and in return, you’re eyes and heart are opened to a new world of pretzel appreciation – I can guarantee you that.

Who: Pretzel
What: Pretzels – both savoury and sweet, coffee, soft drinks
Where: 50 James street, Northbridge, Western Australia
When: Monday 11am-6pm, Tuesday to Thursday 11am-9:30pm, Friday and Saturday 11am-1:30am, Sunday 12pm-5pm
Links:Facebook, Instagram

Pretzel Perth rates a 4 out of 5 and here’s why…

But first… the pretzel

Soft, sweet and plush to the point where sinking your teeth into the pretzel itself could easily be considered one of the best feelings in the world. Look, listen, smell, feel and taste heaven on earth. The experience and taste of the pretzel is truly unworldly to say the least.

My choice for today was the cinnamon pretzel – nothing too outlandish, although definitely a good benchmark when comparing pretzels (like how eggs on toast are a good benchmark in the breakfast world). You can’t go wrong with cinnamon sugar can you? Cinnamon sugar is what I consider to be the quick fix in life. Hey, you’re stressed at work right? Cinnamon sugar can surely help. Oh you’ve got that chronic back pain? Yeah, no worries mate, cinnamon sugar will ease the pain. As aforementioned, the pretzel itself was warm, soft and perfectly doused in cinnamon sugar. It was easy to eat. I didn’t find myself needing an absurd amount of napkins to clean anything up so that was definitely a plus.

Taste wise, it was just the perfect median. Not too sweet, not too plain – as Goldilocks put it, it was just right.

In comparison to other baked goods I’ve had (the infamous and dangerously delicious donut still reigns supreme) this pretzel experience has definitely changed my overall perspective on the world of baked goods. I didn’t expect it to rock my world… but it did. I think pretzels could safely be on the same quality and taste level as muffins and cupcakes.

If you’re in need of any sweet carbohydrate-composed fix, Pretzel is definitely the go-to place. Situated perfectly within walking distance from anything in Perth really, the pretzels from Pretzel are worth it. I’d rate them a 4 out of 5. The reason I’m deducting a singly point here is because it could have just been that little bit warmer.

Unfortunately on this occasion, I didn’t get to give the coffee a go. If coffee quality is anywhere close to the quality of pretzels being made… well I’d be in for a real treat wouldn’t I? Next time, Pretzel.. next time.

The staff…

The staff at Pretzel were polite and super lovely girls. They really stood testament to the vibe/image that pretzel portrays from afar. Dainty, delicate and pink, retro vibes. I feel like if the girls from Virgin Suicides decided to go on a Pretzel business venture in the heart of Perth, this would be the exact result. The service in comparison to Modus Coffee of course, doesn’t really compare. There wasn’t particularly anything wrong with the service that was provided, but Modus Coffee has set the bar so high for me – it’ll take a lot to impress me now. So for the staff, I’d rate Pretzel a 3 out of 5. The service at Pretzel was just what you need and it was all done so efficiently too.

The venue itself…

Okay, so I believe this to be the biggest point of difference for Pretzel. You can have perfectly baked pretzels all you want – simple enough right? But the pink, neon sign lit, cargo container-turned pretzel castle is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. Pretzel, as Hilary Duff would say is what dreams are made of. I mean, look at the pictures and their Instagram! Can we get a collective ‘awwww’? For the sheer and utter cuteness being radiated from Pretzel, I’d rate the venue a solid 5 out of 5. Someone call Cam’ron because Perth has got the perfectly pink venue for his perfectly pink circa 2005 get up.


I’d definitely visit Pretzel again. The pretzels are fantastic, staff are friendly and the venue is as cute as a button or a puppy – I can’t decide between the two. In terms of your gal’s review, Pretzel finalised on a rating of 4 out of 5 – not bad at all!

They do pretzels and they do it well. If you ever find yourself walking through Northbridge or in need of a baked-good hit, Pretzel should definitely be an option on your sweet, sweet bucket list. On ya pretzel.

Keep exploring WA.

Your gal,

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