Inspired by the places and faces I’ve seen, the Sythdney collection is probably one of my favourites. My reason being… HOW CUTE ARE THE OPERA MICE?! I mean tiny little pink ears and button noses, who can resist? Enjoy my take on a few of Sydney’s iconic buildings! 

sydney opera house  as sydney opera mouise
Sydney Opera Mouse [1/3]

A Sydney Opera mouse is a very particular kind of mouse… one who lives in the Northern Suburbs of Sydney, has played classical piano since two months old and enjoys (you guessed it) the opera every other weekend at the @sydneyoperahouse. A hoity-toity mouse among mice.

This also reminds me of the time I got lost in a shopping centre when I was about four years old. I remember being struck with terror, thinking I had lost my mum entirely. Turns out my mum was right behind me. That crying mouse is me. That crying mouse is everyone really.

sydney harbour bridge as sydney harbour fridge
Sydney Harbour Fridge [2/3]

Can confirm that this one is a bit of a stretch. Nothing screams STRAYA more than the Sydney Harbour Fridge. Luckily there’s four (three pictured) of them. Together, with their powers combined, they hold up this big beaut of a bridge. Stubbies are not included. @sydneyharbourbridge

Sydney Centre Point Tower As Sydney Centre Point Shower
Sydney Centre Point Shower

Last but not by any means least is the Sydney Centre Point Shower. Now known as the Sydney Tower Eye (which is clearly not as fun). Okay, well, also another stretch. We get the point here though. Visit the Sydney Centre Point Shower for fantastic 360 views of your fav city. The last of my ‘Sthydney’ collection. Nothing I love more than a good pun, and a pint to go with!

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