Illustrations & Designs by YOURGALMAZ

YOURGALMAZ Illustrations and Designs

Inspired by the places and faces I’ve seen and met, my illustrations put a lense of quirkiness over the iconic structures/places that we often forget about when we live too long in one particular location. It’s a nudge to see things in a different light, to interpret things in a different way… who knows what a change in thinking could do for the soul?

[STHYDNEY] Collection

There’s a soft spot for Sydney in my heart, alongside my soft spot for puns. The SYTHDNEY Collection presents three iconic structures that I often took for granted while living in Sydney. The titles are self-explanatory.

[BEST OF THE WEST] Collection

There’s a saying that goes ‘Once a Westy, always a Westy’. There’s just something about being born and raised in South-Western Sydney. You can almost spot a fellow westy (myself included) in a crowd. There will always be a soft spot for the City of Bankstown and it really shows in my illustrations.

[COMP PREP] Collection

Another collection inspired by passions and hobbies. The fitness and bodybuilding culture/industry is ever growing and I’m proud to be a part of something that encourages wellness, health and sisterhood. These illustrations are inspired by my first bikini competition with NABBA WFF.  

[PERF] Collection

The gem in the west. WA gets a bad wrap and is often painted as the lagging cousin of Australia’s bigger cities like Sydney and Melbourne. BUT, there’s a little secret that all West Aussies are hiding… the beautiful sea-side sunsets, the crisp heat and the pristine beaches. Perth is the gem that I never knew I’d find.


The GEORGIE THE DRAGON Collection is inspired by my Vietnamese culture. The dragon has always been symbol of strength and represents the fierceness that I like to bring out in my life – careers wise, personal life wise. The dragon reminds me to never back down in getting what is best for me and my own.

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